Proforce Mouthguards

Proforce singe mouthguard. Use during any sports activity. Mandatory for Sparring classes. Sold in Youth or Adult. Clear only

Single mouthguard case

Holds one single mouthguard. Has ID label on the back. Available in red or black

Villaris Mesh barrel equipment bag

Heavy duty mesh nylon provides ventilation. Reinforced nylon bottom, ends, and front pocket. 25 x 13". Villari Logo. Available in red or black.

Youth Macho Sparring Gear Set

Macho Warrior gear set. Double layer foamRed only in stock but other colors can be special ordered. Villari swash logo on all pieces. sizes CS-ASSet includes: Head, feet, hands, Gel mouthguard, mouthguard case and Mesh Barrel bag. * bag not shown