Black Foam Practice Escrima (club)

  Hollow plastic core covered with 1/4" black foam. 26" long with 1 1/4" diameter. Printed with gold dragon.

Flexible Broadsword

26.5" unsharpened blade. Corded handle and sash attached. Comes boxed. Total length of sword- 33.5"

Foam Ball Bearing Nunchaku

Foam padded with ball bearing swivel chain.12" only. comes in red, black, blue or white.

G-Force Illuminator Bo Staff

Multi Dimensional iridescent color Lightweight, Thin. Custom Grip Tape. Hand Made Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery

G-Force Swirl Competition Kamas

Made of select light woods.14" handle with 7" aluminum non-sharpen blade.Gripping tape offer excellent control of the weapon.Holographic tape adds shine for tournament use.Designed by weapons expert Joey Greenhalgh.Hand crafted in USA.

G-Force Swirl Nunchaku

Made of select light wood. Includes 2 pair of nunchaku. 11.5" long with 2.75" 3 link ball bearing chain. Designed by weapons expert Joey Greenhalgh. Hand crafted in the USA.