Black Foam Practice Escrima (club)

  Hollow plastic core covered with 1/4" black foam. 26" long with 1 1/4" diameter. Printed with gold dragon.

Flexible Broadsword

26.5" unsharpened blade. Corded handle and sash attached. Comes boxed. Total length of sword- 33.5"

Foam Ball Bearing Nunchaku

Foam padded with ball bearing swivel chain.12" only. comes in red, black, blue or white.

G-Force Illuminator Bo Staff

Multi Dimensional iridescent color Lightweight, Thin. Custom Grip Tape. Hand Made Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery

G-Force Swirl Competition Kamas

Made of select light woods.14" handle with 7" aluminum non-sharpen blade.Gripping tape offer excellent control of the weapon.Holographic tape adds shine for tournament use.Designed by weapons expert Joey Greenhalgh.Hand crafted in USA.

G-Force Swirl Nunchaku

Sold Out

Made of select light wood. Includes 2 pair of nunchaku. 11.5" long with 2.75" 3 link ball bearing chain. Designed by weapons expert Joey Greenhalgh. Hand crafted in the USA.

New! G-Force Next Generation Nunchaku

Made of select light wood Includes 2 pair of nunchaku 11.5" long with 2.75" 3 link ball bearing chain Designed by weapons expert Joe Greenhalgh Hand crafted in the USA

New! One piece economy sword.

Light weight solid wood sword for practice. Made from one solid piece of hardwood and polished smooth. Ready for paint or stain. Aprrox length of blade is 23", handle is 5".