14" wooden handle, 7" aluminum unsharpened blade.

Gripping tape for handle control.

Holographic tape for lots of shine!

Colors: Chrome/Red, Chrome/Black or Chrome/Blue

Made in the USA

  • Made of select light woods
  • 14" handle with 7" aluminum non-sharpen blade
  • Gripping tape offers excellent control of the weapon
  • Holographic tape adds shine for tournament use
  • Designed by weapons expert Joey Greenhalgh
  • Hand crafted in USA
  • - See more at: https://www.awma.com/productdetail/19831_1-G-Force-Predator-Demonstration-Kama-Chrome-Red.asp?childskumatch=19831#sthash.alK0VT6e.dpuf
    $ 99.95